Home insurance – the finer detail – can you read the T&Cs?

31st March 2022

Do you check the details of your home insurance policy? If you don’t, you’re certainly not alone because a fifth of adults in the UK don’t either, potentially leaving them with insufficient or the wrong type of cover.

Interestingly, just under a quarter (24%) of respondents to a recent survey1 said that the T&Cs were too long, while 17% disclosed that they don’t care about details, purely just about the cost. Just under a fifth (19%) admitted that they occasionally read the small print of their home cover.

With 15% not having the time to worry about the detail, and 6% saying the writing is too small, it’s heartening to see that around half of respondents always check the T&Cs.

We can help make sure you have the right level and type of cover in place, after all, it’s a false economy to take out an insurance policy and not check the finer detail.

1Go Compare, 2021