The world’s happiest retirees

20th April 2021

A study1 suggests Helsinki is the happiest place to live out retirement. The analysis also found that people typically need a pension pot worth around £225,000 to retire comfortably in one of the world’s happiest cities.

Retirement heaven

In order to rank cities from across the globe, a ‘happiness index’ was calculated, based on findings from the ‘World Happiness Report’ combined with cost of living, average salary and life expectancy data from over 50 countries.

The calculations revealed that, along with Helsinki, three more northern European capitals – Copenhagen, Reykjavik and Oslo – also featured in the world’s top-five cities with the happiest retirees. The final member of this distinguished quintet was Geneva, with Switzerland’s second-most populous city third on the list.

UK retirees also happy

The analysis also produced figures taking account of not only the happiest but also the most affordable places to retire, with Melbourne topping this list of happy retirement destinations. And, reassuringly, Belfast, Edinburgh and London also featured among the world’s top 20 happiest retirement cities ranked on this basis.

1Audley Villages, 2020