Everybody needs good neighbours

29th December 2020

Most people (98%)1 appreciate the impact their home has on their sense of wellbeing, which can be thrown into turmoil if problems with neighbours present. Nearly two thirds of Britons (64%) have had a dispute with a neighbour2, with Welsh residents having the most gripes (72%), followed by those in Northern England (70%), South West England (69%), South East (63%) and Scotland (60%).

The key reasons for disputes include loud music (28%) and loud parties (26%). Territory-related disputes fill the next three spots – overgrown trees and plants (19%), parking over their driveway (17%) and putting rubbish in their bin (16%). For some, noise problems intensify to such a degree that 16% have actually moved home. With more people spending time at home in lockdown, it has been a time to reflect. Are you looking to move home to escape your noisy neighbours or rebalance your wellbeing? Is it time to make your next move? If so, get in touch, we can help find the most suitable mortgage for your circumstances.

1Everest, 2018

2Good Move, Aug 2020

As a mortgage is secured against your home or property, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up mortgage repayments.