Renovation nation gets stuck in

8th December 2020

It seems the months spent at home have been put to good use as the nation reflected on their living space and chose to spend an average of just over £4,000 each on renovating their homes, since lockdown commenced in March. A study1 has highlighted that the key area for improvement has been upgrades to the garden (34%), with living room (23%), bedroom (22%) and kitchen (22%) improvements also featuring in the top four. With garden improvements in the top spot, it’s no surprise that lockdown prompted people to enjoy their outside space, in fact Gardeners World received its highest ratings in a decade as people took to their gardens up and down the country.

‘Zoombarrassment’ motivates the nation

To fund these projects, it seems nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents deflected money set aside for a holiday, while 26% raided their savings pot. Homeowner motivation to embark on these projects ranged from adding value (27%), with 40% citing ‘Zoombarrassment’ over the appearance of their homes, as the reason for renovation!, Aug 2020