Happy street name – more valuable home?

30th September 2020

Do you fall into the 92% of people who aren’t bothered about the street name when they are looking for a new home? If so, newly published research might make you change your mind.

According to a new study1, this seemingly insignificant characteristic has the potential to seriously impact your property’s value. In fact, streets whose names contain words associated with happiness and positivity can boost the value of properties by an average of nearly £25,000.

Feeling chipper?

According to the study, street names featuring the word ‘chipper’ add the most value to properties, potentially increasing selling prices by an average £56,571. This is followed by ‘pretty’, which adds an average £44,918.

In Scotland, living on a street named ‘peace’ adds an average of £24,147 to your home’s value, with ‘happy’ increasing your home’s value by £15,516 on average.

The UK’s happiest regions

Some regions were also found to have more happy street names than others. If you live in the North West, you’re in luck, with the region home to 237 positive street names. This is followed by Yorkshire and the Humber, with 199 happy street names, the South East with 175, and the South West with 157.

1Bankrate, 2020